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Cheap 1300 number

Cheap 1300 number plans that will
make your money go further.

If you’re shopping around for a cheap 1300 number plan or after a better deal than what you’re getting, then you’ve come to the right place. Our plans are designed to keep the costs down and give you better control over your monthly spend.

If you answer your 1300 number calls on a landline, choose from Anytime business plans with 500 or 1000 included minutes. If your 1300 number is routed to your mobile, the Anytime mobile plan will include 250 minutes of talk! How easy is that?

Finally, prepaid 1300 number plans that offers true value!

Answer calls on your landline Anytime 1300
500Minutes included
$35per month

Excess call charges10c per minute
Once-off setup charge$30

1000Minutes included
$60per month

Excess call charges8c per minute
Once-off setup charge$30

Answer calls on your mobileAnytime Mobile
250Minutes included
$40per month

Excess call charges20c per minute
Once-off setup charge$30

Cheap 1300 number

What else do you get?

Transfer your number over for free

No minimum call charges or flagfall

No call connection charges

Calls are billed in per-second increments

No cancellation charges

Simple once-off setup charge $30

No contracts

Total freedom!

Heaps of value!

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Cheap 1300 number

Slash your telco bills with
cheap call rates and no contracts.

There are no contracts. Ever! Choose a prepaid plan that suits you and change as your business changes. Upgrade to 1000 minutes when your call volume increases or downgrade your 1300 number plan during low season. Swap over to a mobile plan anytime if you prefer the convenience of having calls to your 1300 number redirected to your mobile phone.

Prepay your 1300 number plan and your monthly included minutes are automatically loaded and ready to go. Any excess call charges will be billed in your next month’s bill.

Cheap 1300 number

Why can we do it so cheap?

1300 numbers are virtual numbers and often referred to as inbound numbers because they are used to receive inbound calls. 1300 number calls can be made from any telephone service and answered on either your landline or your mobile. So, whether you’re a small business starting out, or an established company after a better deal on your 1300 number costs, then we have the perfect 1300 number plans for you.

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